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Big bigger biggest

Big. Bigger. Biggest. is the life philosophy of author Sherrill Bodine and an inspirational blog that shares her secrets for living fully and loving relentlessly.

Inspired by the great heroines of mid-century movie screens, Sherrill has modeled her life after the heady mix of tenderness and tenacity demonstrated by the world’s grand dames - turning fiction into her own reality. Big.

Bigger. Biggest. will inspire readers to design original lives that they love while having fun along the way. With food, fashion, travel, and lifestyle reviews, stories of modern heroines who save their own day every day, and peppered throughout with Sherrill’s personal memoirs, this thought-provoking blog is an online destination for women of all ages who are aching to define their own big. bigger. biggest moments in life.

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People will underestimate you from time to time. Don’t fret. Proving them wrong can be fun if you let it.
— Sherrill Bodine

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