The Regency Series: Scandal's Child


The men of the Regency period are all irresistible!  I loved Dominic, the Marquis of Aubrey, the moment he came to life in THE RAKE’S REDEMPTION.   His love story with Juliana will touch your heart. I did not realize I would fall so madly in love with his half-brother, Jules,  Comte de Saville, I HAD to give him his own book SCANDAL’S CHILD and a love with Kat which matched his passion and spirit. The glamorous regency period and the machinations of cupid are an irresistible combination!



As her brother and sister prepare to make their Society debut, Kat Thistlewait vows to sit on the sidelines like a proper young lady.  Fate has other plans, though, and when Kat tries to save her mischievous twin brother she lands herself in a compromising position with battle-scarred and world weary French nobleman Jules Devereaux.

Knowing that no lady of quality would ever overlook his imperfections, Jules agrees to marry Kat in order to save what little reputation she has left.  A marriage of convenience isn’t what either desires. A daring duel which puts all in danger exposes the truth - love grows from the most unlikely of beginnings.